Utility Technician – Collections

  • Wastewater Collections Operator
  • Fallbrook, CA
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  • Salary: $30.91 - $40.56 per hour

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Under general supervision to perform specialized and skilled work in the construction, installation and maintenance of the water storage, metering and distribution systems and the wastewater collection, treatment and disposal systems; and to perform related work as required.

Class Characteristics

Positions in this class are at the advanced skill and lead supervisory level classification of the utility series. Incumbents may lead small crews of two or more additional members or serve as the assistant to the crew supervisor in the performance of assigned work.

Positions at this level perform work which has considerable variation and which requires the application of judgment in the selection of appropriate work methods, materials and procedures.

Incumbents receive general instructions when tasks are assigned and are expected to determine the appropriate procedures and materials necessary to complete the project unless significant unanticipated problems are encountered. Incumbents may be assigned to and rotated among several specialized crews wherein they perform lead position duties while learning specific duties and safety precautions of the unit.
Incumbents at the Utility Technician level assign, check, guide, correct, train and participate fully in the work of subordinates. Incumbents do not hire, evaluate or discipline subordinates. Incumbents are expected to advise the supervisor of staff performance problems observed.


Examples of Duties

  • Performs the full range of duties of a Utility Worker I and II;
  • Serves as assistant to the crew supervisor;
  • Assigns specific tasks to crew members at the job site;
  • Trains, instructs and, as assigns, corrects the work of crew members, ensuring that accepted work and safety methods are practiced;
  • Designs traffic control procedures and directs crew members in traffic control equipment set-up;
  • Determines shoring requirements for trenching jobs;
  • Estimates materials required for assigned work;
  • Ensures that necessary tools and equipment are loaded into trucks;
  • Keeps routine records of work performed and materials used;
  • Plans work at job site to ensure efficient use of human resources and materials;
  • Performs the most skilled equipment operation requirements of the job (backhoe, skiploader, dump truck, sewer rodder, jackhammer and pump/tank/flush truck) and/or observes and trains crew members in equipment operations, ensuring the safety of crew and equipment while avoiding unnecessary damage to property and the water/wastewater system;
  • Performs the most skilled construction, maintenance, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry and welding work associated with the assigned work of the position or crew;
  • One Utility Technician is required to maintain the certification and training necessary to perform testing backflow devices and reclaimed water drawdown testing and another oversees the radio read system and perform all duties associated with meter reading including data entry for meter and backflow installations/exchanges and loading/unloading meter reads with customer service staff;
  • Checks work done over or near District lines and equipment and reports unauthorized encroachments, damage to District equipment and other potential problems to the supervisor;=
  • Receives on the job training to perform qualified, specific tasks on de-energized high-voltage circuits, and energized or de-energized low-voltage circuits; and
  • Performs related work as required.

Knowledge of:

  • Work locations within the District;
  • Materials and tools of water utility construction/maintenance and wastewater utility collection, construction and maintenance;
  • Safety precautions of excavation and trenching, traffic control, confined space entry and HazMat;
  • English usage and writing skills;
  • Principles of crew leadership and training;
  • District regulations, procedures, rules and practices relative to rights-of-way and the construction repair and maintenance of the water distribution system and waste- water collection, treatment and disposal systems and its appurtenances;
  • Mathematics at a level necessary to estimate materials needed for projects and to perform calculations involved in construction and repair work;
  • Simple record keeping and report preparation;
  • Principles of water metering;
  • Methods of clearing debris from meter vaults;
  • Basic public relations skills to communicate with customers;
  • Heavy construction equipment operation is required of some positions;
  • Pipelines layout, fabrication, assembly and welding is required of some positions; and
  • Principles of hydraulic gravity sewer mainline cleaning and nozzles and State Waste Discharge requirements and reporting is required of some positions.

Ability to:

  • Plan and organize the activities of an assigned crew;
  • Assign, monitor, inspect, train and correct the work of assigned crew members;
  • Perform skilled welding, plumbing, carpentry, masonry and mechanical work;
  • Perform the skilled operation of light, medium and heavy construction equipment;
  • Estimate materials for assigned projects;
  • Read and understand blueprints, specifications and instructions;
  • Prepare routine periodic reports of work performed and materials used;
  • Perform strenuous labor and work in tight and confined spaced;
  • Take accurate water meter readings and train others to perform this work;
  • Operate radio read computer and hand held CMT;
  • Operate a computer workstation to enter and retrieve information;
  • Walk for long distances, stoop and bend and see numbers in meters;
  • Operate a vehicle observing legal and defensive driving practices;
  • Operate, maintain, troubleshoot and repair lift stations;
  • Operate and maintain CCVT system software;
  • Operate and maintain combination sewer cleaning truck;
  • Understand and carry out oral and written instruction; and
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Licenses and Certification

  • Possession of or ability to obtain and maintain a valid California class A driver’s license.
  • Possession of Collections Systems Maintenance Certificate Grade II (CSM II).

Education, Training and Experience

Education & Training: High school graduation or GED.


Four years’ at a skilled lead level in the installation, construction and maintenance of water distribution system pipelines, valves and appurtenance; or in meter service repairs and troubleshooting AMI/AMR radio read software and hardware.

Four years’ experience at a skilled lead level in construction and maintenance of wastewater gravity sewer systems, force mains, valves, mainline cleaning, CCTV, pumps and motor; or

Experience at the level of Utility Worker II in the Fallbrook Public Utility District from which the incumbent has acquired the knowledge and abilities listed above.



Walking:          Moves about on foot often through uneven terrain.
Carrying:          Transport objects by holding them in hands or arms.
Hands/Arms:    Signals equipment operator; operates equipment, hand and power tools.
Handling:         Seizes, holds or works with hands.
Lifting:              Raises or lowers pumps, bags of concrete fittings, meters/meter boxes and lids, flanges, tampers, blacktop, jackhammers, valves, valve keys, tools and related items.
Reaching:        Extends hands and arms in any direction.
Stooping:         Bends body downward and forward by bending at the knees or waist often while digging with a shovel or reading/maintaining meters.
Climbing:         In and out of equipment and trenches; ascends and descends ladders up to 50 feet in height.
Vision:             Reads work tickets, labels, MSDS on assorted chemicals, operates radio read computer and handheld CMT, and operates District equipment and vehicles.
Talking:            Communicates by radio and in person.
Hearing:           Hears well enough for safety in and around construction sites and to receive
communication by radio and in person.
Sitting:             Sits in equipment and vehicles, often driving through rough terrain.
Standing:         Flags traffic for up to 9 hours per day.


Lifting:            100 pounds; frequent exertion.

Noise:              Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise.
Temperature/Weather:       Works outside with variations of temperature and weather.
This position may include periodic to frequent disagreeable working conditions including noise, dirt, fumes, vibration, heat, cold, dampness and hazardous chemicals.

Hard hat, gloves, safety shoes, self-contained breathing apparatus, respirator, hearing protection, safety glasses, welding hood, leather welding jacket, cutting goggles, and/or chemical suits.



  • CSM II Certification = $30.91 – $38.60
  • CSM II Certification + Other Qualifying Certification = $31.68 – $39.57
  • CSM II Certification + D1 + Other Qualifying Certification = $32.48 – $40.56

*A 3% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is scheduled for July 1, 2021.

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