• Electrical/Instrumentation Technician
  • Salary: $51.36—$62.43 Hourly DOQ/DOE ($106,823 — $129,844 Annual Salary)
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Under the general supervision of the Director of Operations and Field Services, plans, organizes, supervises and participates in the work of staff involved with the design, construction, installation, modification, calibration, maintenance and repair of District pumps, motors, regulators, cathodic protection systems, motor control systems, electrical and electronic control systems, radio communication systems, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and other related operational equipment. Performs related work as assigned and applies all standard safety practices.


1.         Plans, schedules, and implements weekly, monthly and quarterly preventive maintenance work for the following operational equipment: Hydraulic controls, regulators, pump control valves, motors, pumps, SCADA, programmable logic control based motor control systems, chlorinators, cathodic protection, water quality instrumentation, and other related operational equipment.

2.         Plans and administers outside service providers contracted to perform operational tasks, such as software programming, pump and motor maintenance, cathodic protection, and other services related to the Department.

3.         Supervises and evaluates the performance of the following positions:

·         System Controls Technician I

·         System Controls Technician II

·         System Controls Technician III

4.         Operates a personal and industrial computer in a networked environment to monitor and troubleshoot equipment and to make programming changes. Utilizes database, spreadsheet, word processing or other types of software to produce documents or reports such as maintenance reports, memos, tables, calculations, graphs, presentations, etc.

5.         Plan checks electrical and SCADA schematics for acceptance.

6.         Conceives, designs and reviews control strategies and specifications related to system hydraulics, pumps, motors, motor control systems and SCADA.

7.         Reviews and documents all changes to hydraulic, electrical and SCADA control systems.

8.         Deploys and evaluates preventive maintenance programs and makes necessary changes to mitigate equipment failure; utilizes maintenance programs to assist with capital and operational budgeting.

9.         Implements and maintains software, hardware, licensing, and support for SCADA communications, and other technologies related to the System Controls section.

10.       Assists the Water Distribution section and other departments and sections; provides technical support during emergencies, system shutdowns and confined space entry.

11.       Provides technical support and oversight for the District’s electrical safety program and ensures compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations.

12.       Operates and provides technical assistance when standby generators and auxiliary pumping systems are needed to meet distribution system requirements.

13.       Instructs and provides training for staff in work methods, tools and equipment, new technologies and safety.

14.       Performs related tasks as assigned.


1.         Education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school supplemented by college-level course work or specialized training in electrical, electronics, instrumentation and control, computer systems or related field.

2.         Must possess a Water Distribution Operator D1 certification (or higher) administered by the California Drinking Water Operator Certification Program or the ability to obtain one within two years.

3.         Must have a minimum of five years of experience with process control systems related to motor control, SCADA, wireless communications, electrical, electronics, or instrumentation preferably at a water distribution or water/wastewater treatment facility. Two years of supervisory experience is preferred. Experience with SCADA systems utilizing flowchart-based software is preferred.

4.         As a prerequisite for advancing to “F” salary step, a California Water Environment Association Grade III (or higher) Electrical/Instrumentation Technologist certificate is required.

5.         Must have a valid California driver’s license and be acceptable to the District’s automotive liability insurance carrier.


System Controls Supervisor must demonstrate dependability, reliability, ethics, good judgment, superior work habits, technical skills and the ability to introduce and assist employees in learning technical skills. The System Controls Supervisor must also:

1.         Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

2.         Speak, write and read the English language.

3.         Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.

4.         Establish and maintain effective working relations with other District personnel, vendors, local agencies and promote good relations with the public.

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