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Hourly Pay: $37.88 to $48.77; $78,782 to $101,448 (Annually)

Deadline: Open Until Filled



Under the general supervision of the Water Distribution Supervisor, performs various duties including checking distribution system pressures, flows, and reservoir levels; water quality; and system equipment.  Serves as Duty Officer on a rotational basis, investigates customer complaints and applies all standard safety practices.



System Operator I – This is an entry-level class in the System Operator series. Positions at this level typically have a basic understanding of water distribution principles including hydraulics, treatment, water quality, control systems and mathematics.

Must possess a Water Distribution Operator D2 certification (or higher) administered by the California Drinking Water Operator Certification program.

System Operator II – This is a journey level class in the System Operator series. In order to qualify for promotion, an Operator I must meet or exceed expectations in performance reviews in the Operator I classification, or have achieved the equivalent of this requirement with another water purveyor. An Operator II is accorded greater autonomy and requires less supervision than an Operator I.

Must possess a Water Distribution Operator D3 certification (or higher) administered by the California Drinking Water Operator Certification program.



1.         Monitors and operates the distribution system manually or via the District’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to ensure optimal storage, pressure and water quality, and to prevent or investigate abnormal or alarm conditions.

2.         Inspects, monitors, troubleshoots and performs maintenance and minor repairs on various distribution system facilities and equipment including: booster pumps and pump stations; motors; chlorination equipment; reservoirs; control valves; and water quality equipment.

3.         Performs water distribution related tasks such as emergency and scheduled shutdowns, including notifying customers and other affected parties and/or agencies and ensuring District compliance with its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit.

4.         Handles inquiries and investigates complaints from the District’s customers related to water quality, leaks, pressure and flow.

5.         May serve as Duty Officer, SCADA Operator and/or Weekend Shift Operator as necessary. Required to respond to all after hour calls to investigate, troubleshoot, prioritize and alleviate reported problems.

6.         Frequently enters confined spaces to perform routine maintenance on control valves and other distribution system appurtenances.

7.         Collects and tests water samples for chlorine, ammonia, nitrite, fluoride, pH, conductivity, and temperature.

8.         Prepares and maintains water treatment, distribution and other reports.

9.         Directly supervises the Emergency Duty Crew as required.  Assists in assuring the District’s compliance with policy and laws, including Department of Transportation regulations and the District’s alcohol and drug free workplace testing requirements.

10.       Performs related work as assigned.



1.         Education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school.

2.         Must have a valid California driver’s license and be acceptable to the District’s automobile liability insurance carrier.

3.         Must possess a Water Treatment Operator T1 certification (or higher) administered by the California Drinking Water Operator Certification program.

4.         Must demonstrate skills necessary to perform activities using computers in a networked computer environment, including spreadsheets, word processing, SCADA applications, presentation software and other business functions such as purchasing and maintenance.

5.         Prior experience in water distribution or water treatment is desirable.

6.         Must pass fit testing for an air purifying respirator (APR).



This position acts as Duty Officer, assuming full responsibility on weekends and after normal business hours. The Duty Officer has responsibility for:

1.                  Giving direction to and supervising the work of employees and crews involved in emergency repairs of the District’s distribution system, including the authority to make recommendations, through the chain of command, to the General Manager to rate the performance and need for discipline of crew members who worked under their authority.

2.                  Under the direction of the District’s Director of Operations and Field Services, has the delegated authority to make all operational decisions affecting the District’s water distribution and treatment system and facilities.

3.                  Monitoring pumps and related flow and pressure control and storage facilities manually or by using a SCADA system.

4.                  Performing scheduled and emergency shutdowns, overseeing flushing and water quality sampling activities.

5.                  Investigating customer complaints.

6.                  Initiates the Report of Damage process for all incidents where the District is potentially responsible for causing damage to property of others and/or where a responsible other party has damaged District property. Works closely with the Safety and Risk Administrator to ensure that the District’s interests are protected.

7.                  Serves as the District’s first-responder and initial on-site Standardized Emergency Management System Incident Commander for all weekend and after-hours emergencies and service interruptions.

8.                  Duty officers are required to reside in a location in which they can report to the District’s headquarters facility within 45 minutes of normal drive time as determined by the method approved by the General Manager.



The System Operator I/II must demonstrate dependability, reliability, ethics, judgment, superior work habits, technical skills and ability to introduce and assist employees in learning technical skills and in developing successful and positive relationships with their employer. The System Operator I/II must also:

1.         Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

2.         Speak, write and read the English language.

3.         Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.

4.         Establish and maintain effective working relations with other District personnel, and agencies,     and promote good relations with the public.

5.         Work irregular schedules.


FILING DEADLINE:     Open Until Filled

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