San Diego Regional Water and Wastewater Internship Program

InternshipThe San Diego Regional Water and Wastewater Internship Program provides students enrolled in water technology courses with on-the-job paid training and exposure to career opportunities.

Careers in this field are not hard to find, as the industry is experiencing an increased demand for qualified staff. Working in this industry helps make a positive difference in the local environment and community.

A select number of students are selected each year to rotate through four different 8-week career experience modules:

  • System Maintenance
  • System Operations
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment

Completion of the program provides students with the necessary knowledge and training to apply for state water and wastewater certification exams.

For more information, including the application and selection process, please visit

Transitioning Military/Veteran Internship

State legislation co-sponsored by the San Diego County Water Authority and the Otay Water District has been signed into law, making it possible for veterans to receive credit for their military education and experience when applying for civilian water and wastewater system operator certifications in California.

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