Water Treatment Operator

Water-treatment-plant operators control processes and equipment that remove pollutants in water so it is safe to drink. Wastewater-treatment-plant operators perform similar duties to ensure wastewater can be returned safely to natural areas or be reused. Under general supervision, operates, inspects, and maintains a variety of plant equipment in connection with the continuous operation of a large metropolitan wastewater treatment plant; directs lower level operators; and performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of the operation, maintenance and cleaning of primary and secondary wastewater treatment equipment and facilities;
  • Wastewater treatment principles, methods, and practices; arithmetic; safety rules, codes, and regulations pertaining to the work;
  • The methods and precautions in storing and handling chlorine and other hazardous gases and chemicals;
  • Wastewater sampling and routine process control tests.
  • Skill in operating wastewater treatment plant equipment, including automatic control devices performing routine maintenance and making operating adjustments to wastewater treatment equipment;
  • Ability to recognize unusual, inefficient, or dangerous operating conditions and take appropriate action;
  • Accurately read and record data from gauges and meters; and
  • Interpret plant, piping, and distribution diagrams; perform routine control tests and adjust plant equipment accordingly.

Experience Requirements

  • Typical requirements include at least four years journey-level Operator and/or Stationary Engineer experience in the maintenance, repair and operation of a variety of mechanical and electrical pumping and related plant machinery of a water or wastewater treatment plant; or four years journey-level experience as a Marine Engineer performing duties in the areas of maintenance, repair and operation of a variety of mechanical and electrical pumping and related machinery; or completion of a recognized four year Stationary Engineer apprenticeship program.
  • To work in a public wastewater treatment plant or a private wastewater treatment plant regulated by the PUC, you must have a valid wastewater treatment plant operator certificate or an operator-in-training certificate.

Available Positions