Wastewater Collections Operator

Wastewater Collections Operators are responsible for skilled tasks in the construction, maintenance, and repair of wastewater system facilities; operating a variety of light and moderately heavy power driven equipment; and ensuring public health and safety by preventing and/or responding to sewage overflows and blockages. They inspect, clean, maintain, construct, and repair wastewater collection systems including sanitary sewers, storm drains, pump stations, pipes, manholes and catch basins.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of operational characteristics of wastewater collection systems;
  • Materials, methods, techniques, and terminology used in maintenance and repair activities related to the maintenance and repair of wastewater collection system infrastructure including how repair parts are applied to the wastewater system including couplings, stainless steel bands, and types and grades of pipes;
  • Operational characteristics of maintenance and construction equipment and tools used in work activities;
  • Ability to perform a variety of manual and semi-skilled tasks involved in the maintenance and repair of the wastewater collection system; and
  • Skillfully operate equipment and machinery including service trucks, dump trucks, water trucks, vacuum trucks, skiploader, backhoe, large trailers, trench tamper, hydro tamper, concrete and asphalt cutting saws, root saws, jackhammer, and hand and power tools.

Experience Requirements

  • Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade is a typical eduacation requirement.
  • Experience typically requires one year of general maintenance and construction experience and the ability to obtain a Class B Commerical driver’s license.
  • Possession of a Grade I Collection System Operator License from the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) within six months to a year of hire is typical.

Available Positions

There are currently no vacancies.